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Bugsy is a Bug-type specialist. He is the leader of Azalea Town Gym, being the second gym leader a player can face in the Johto region.

Beating Bugsy at Azalea Town Gym will award the Hive Badge.

Pokémon Used

As Azalea Town Gym Leader

Pokémon Level Moves
Pokemon Butterfree.png Butterfree 62 Psychic Bug Buzz Rage Powder Stun Spore
Pokemon Scyther.png Scyther 63 X-Scissor Night Slash Wing Attack Swords Dance
Pokemon Pinsir.png Pinsir 64 Stone Edge Superpower X-Scissor Guillotine
Pokemon Forretress.png Forretress 65 Self Destruct Earthquake Rock Slide Flash Cannon
Pokemon Scizor.png Scizor 66 Iron Head Brick Break Agility X-scissor
Pokemon Heracross.png Heracross 67 Stone Edge Mega Horn Close Combat Night Slash