Clan Wars is an event held three times every Saturday and Sunday at the Vermillion City Clan Building. Clan Wars start at 7:00PM, 7:50PM and 8:40PM UTC (Tier 1, 2, and 3 respectively) and lasts for 40 minutes.

To compete in clan wars you must be in a clan, hold the rank of warrior or higher in that clan, and have a full party of Pokémon. To be granted warrior rank, you must be in the clan for at least 7 days. A clan can have only 20 warriors at one time. Leaders and Generals count toward that limit.

Level Tiers

Tier Start Time Set Level Bans
Tier 1 7:00 PM UTC 100 PPO T1 Banlist
Tier 2 7:50 PM UTC 100 Legendaries
Tier 3 8:40 PM UTC 100 Standard Bans

Battle Area

Once the clan war begins, you can enter the door in the top right corner of the Clan Building in Vermillion City.

Click on a player's avatar to immediately start a battle. It is not possible to battle players in the same clan as you, or who have the same IP address. Battles follow the normal PvP rules.

The player who wins a Clan War battle will earn 1 battle point for their clan and 5 clan war tokens per win for themselves. If you disconnect or do not choose a move within 25 seconds you will forfeit to your opponent.

Mounts are hidden in the battle area.


At the end of the time, the clan with the most battle points wins. All members who are online and participated in the war will receive some amount of Clan War Tokens. You must win at least 1 battle, or lose least 3, to be eligible for the token prize. Clan war token payouts are the same for all tiers.

Rank Reward
1st 70 Tokens
2nd 60 Tokens
3rd 50 Tokens
4th 40 Tokens
5th 30 Tokens
Participartion 20 Tokens

The MVP is the player who performs the best (wins-losses) will receive 25 bonus Clan War Tokens and 100 Credits.

Clan War Tokens can be exchanged for various prizes. Talk to the Prize Exchanger in the Clan War Center for more details.

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