Pokemon Delibird

Delibird is an Ice/Flying-type Pokémon.

It does not evolve.

Delibird's base experience yield is 116.

Defeating a wild Delibird yields 1 Speed EV.

It is only available during Christmas Events along with Stantler.

If caught or defeated, it will drop a christmas present, along with a chance at another drop.

Base Stats

HP 45
Attack 55
Defense 45
Special Attack 65
Special Defense 45
Speed 75
Total 330


Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden
Vital Spirit Hustle Insomnia


Location Rarity Level Rate

(Normal Players)

Rate (Gold Membership) Drop
Anywhere during the Christmas Event (besides fishing/surfing) Rare Depending on your highest Pokemon level 1/100 (1%) Present


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