The Dragon's Den is a location in Blackthorn City in the Johto region. It is possible to catch Magikarp and Seadra while surfing, and Magikarp, Seadra and Dratini while fishing.(Lvl 40 Fishing is required to fish) The Den also contains trainers, all using Dragon-Type Pokémon.(Theres a tentacruel and gyarados )

Dragon Tamer Bard

Pokémon Type Lv.
Dragonair Dragon 60
Dragonite Dragon/Flying 65

Ace Trainer Piper

Pokémon Type Lv.
Horsea Water 59
Seadra Water 60
Seadra Water 60

Ace Trainer Kobe

Pokémon Type Lv.
Dragonair Dragon 62


Common: Magikarp

Very Rare: Seadra

Extremely Rare: Dratini


Common Magikarp,gyarados,tentacruel

Very Rare Seadra

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