Kanto Fuchsia City

Location of Fuchsia City in the Kanto region

Kanto Fuchsia City Map

Map of Fuchsia City

Located in the Kanto region, Fuchsia City is linked to 3 different paths: Route 15, Route 18 and Route 19. It is considered quite far away from other cities since players often have to pass through many routes before reaching here. A Pokémon which knows the HM Cut is definitely a must to fully explore this area.

The Good Rod for fishing can be obtained here, and it is also the first city in Kanto that sells Ultra Ball, which has a much better chance of catching Pokémon successfully than the Poké Ball and Great Ball. Although not a very big city, the most prominent place of interest here is the Kanto Safari Zone, where unique Pokémon can be found in it and it is a good place to level up.

There is also the Fuchsia Gym that focused on Poison-type Pokémon, led by the gym leader Koga who gives Soul Badge to players after his defeat.


  • Pokécenter
  • Pokémart
Item Price
Poke Ball $100
Great Ball $400
Ultra Ball $1,000
Super Potion $500
Hyper Potion $1,250
Revive $1,000
Escape Rope $500
Repel $300
Max Repel $600
Item Price
Good Rod $12,000


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