Items which can be held in Holding slot of Pokemons. Each Pokemon can only hold 1 items at a time.

Outside Combat

Effect for alive leading pokemon

Item Name Description
Greed Charm Increase +100% drop rate (drop chance & pokemon-specific items)
Growth Charm Reduce -100% money but Increase +50% EXP
Hunter Charm Reduce -100% money, -100% EXP, Increase +25% encounter rate
a tag with red symbols
Cleanse Tag Reduce chance to start a wild pokemon battle
a small star charm
Shiny Charm Increases 25% shiny encounter chance
a golden colored egg
Shiny Egg Increases 25% shiny encounter chance and 25% EXP gain
an egg
Lucky Egg Increases 20% EXP gain

Legendary Hunting Items

Item Name Description
Articuno Feather Allows you to encounter Articuno in the Seafoam Islands (can be enhanced by combining with legendary bait)
Zapdos Feather Allows you to encounter Zapdos in the Power Plant Basement (can be enhanced by combining with legendary bait)
Moltres Feather Allows you to encounter Moltres in Mt. Silver (can be enhanced by combining with legendary bait)


Item Name Description
Synchronize Stone Activates the Synchronize Pokemon even if it doesn't lead

Inside Combat

Gems (one-use item per battle (Not consumed)

Item Name Description
Normal Gem.png
Normal Increase 30% Normal type moves power
Gire Gem.png
Fire Increase 30% Fire type moves power
Water Gem.png
Water Increase 30% Water type moves power
Electric Gem.png
Electric Increase 30% Electric type moves power
Graas Gem.png
Grass Increase 30% Grass type moves power
Ice Gem.png
Ice Increase 30% Ice type moves power
Fighting Gem.png
Fighting Increase 30% Fighting type moves power
Poison Gem.png
Poison Increase 30% Poison type moves power
Ground Gem.png
Ground Increase 30% Ground type moves power
FLying Gem.png
Flying Increase 30% Flying type moves power
Psychic Gem.png
Psychic Increase 30% Psychic type moves power
Bug Gem.png
Bug Increase 30% Bug type moves power
Rock Gem.png
Rock Increase 30% Rock type moves power
Ghost Gem.png
Ghost Increase 30% Ghost type moves power
Dragon Gem.png
Dragon Increase 30% Dragon type moves power
Dark Gem.png
Dark Increase 30% Dark type moves power
Steel Gem.png
Steel Increase 30% Steel type moves power
Fairy Gem.png
Fairy Increase 30% Fairy type moves power

Type Power Boost

Item Name Description Second Use
Silk Scarf.png
Silk Scarf Increase 20% Normal type moves power
Charcoal Increase 20% Fire type moves power
Mystic Water.png
Mystic Water Increase 20% Water type moves power
Magnet Increase 20% Electric type moves power
Miracle Seed.png
Miracle Seed Increase 20% Grass type moves power Crafting
Never melt ice.png
Never Melt Ice Increase 20% Ice type moves power
Black belt.png
Black Belt Increase 20% Fighting type moves power
Poison Barb.png
Poison Barb Increase 20% Poison type moves power
Soft Sand.png
Soft Sand Increase 20% Ground type moves power
Sharp Beak.png
Sharp Beak Increase 20% Flying type moves power
Twisted Spoon.png
Twisted Spoon Increase 20% Psychic type moves power
Silver Powder.png
Silver Powder Increase 20% Bug type moves power
Hard stone.png
Hard Stone Increase 20% Rock type moves power
Spell Tag.png
Spell Tag Increase 20% Ghost type moves power
Dragon Fang.png
Dragon Fang Increase 20% Dragon type moves power
Black Glasses.png
Black Glasses Increase 20% Dark type moves power
Metal Coat.png
Metal Coat Increase 20% Steel type moves power Crafting, Evolving


Item Name Description
Eviolite Increase 50% Special Defense and Defense if holder is not fully evolved
Wide lens icon
Wide Lens Increase accuracy 10%
Choice band.png
Choice Band Increase 50% Attack but holder can use only 1 move
Choi specs.png
Choice Specs Increase 50% Special Attack but holder can use only 1 move
Choi scarf.png
Choice Scarf Increase 50% Speed but holder can use only 1 move
scope lens icon
Scope Lens Increases 1 critical-hit ratio stage
leftovers icon
Leftovers Restore 1/16 user's HP per turn

Debuff Items

Item Name Description
a sickly purple ball
Toxic Orb Holder get Poisoned
a fiery orange orb
Flame Orb Holder get Burned
a tail made of small stones
Lagging Tail Holder must move last

Field Effect

Item Name Description
Binding Band.png
Binding Band Make Binding Moves cause 1/6 HP damage each turn
Grip Claw.png
Grip Claw Make Binding Moves last 7 turns
Heat rock.png
Heat Rock Make Sunny Weather last 8 turns
Icy rock.png
Icy Rock Make Snow weather last 8 turns
Smooth rock.png
Smooth Rock Make Sandstorm weather last 8 turns
Light clay.png
Light Clay Make Reflect, Light screen, Aurora Veil last 8 turns

Herb (1 use in battle, does not consume)

Item Name Description
Mental Herb Icon
Mental Herb Remove Taunt
Power Herb Icon
Power Herb 2 turns move attack immedialty
White herb icon
White Herb


Item Name Description
Light ball.png
Light Ball Double Pikachu Attack & Special Attack stats
Thick Club.png
Thick Club Doubles Cubone's and Marowak’s Attack stats
Stick Increase 2 Farfetch'd critical hit stages
Quick Powder.png
Quick Powder Double Ditto Speed stats until it Transform
Metal Powder.png
Metal Powder Double Ditto Defense stats until it Transform
Lucky punch.png
Lucky Punch Increase 2 Chansey critical hit stages
Deep sea tooth.png
Deep Sea Tooth Double Clamperl Special Attack stats
Deep see scale.png
Deep Sea Scale Double Clamperl Special Defense stats

Others use

Item Name Description
Experience share icon
EXP Share Splits the 1/2 EXP gain per holder
Experience share enhanced icon
EXP Share


Splits the 3/4 EXP gain to only 1 holder
effort brace icon
Effort Brace Reduce 100% EXP gain
macho brace icon
Macho Brace Double EV gain
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