map of the Hoenn region

map of the Hoenn region

The Hoenn region is the third area in the game, accessable only after beating the Johto Elite Four. To enter Hoenn, go left through the reception gate (west of Viridian City). The Hoenn region has 8 gym leaders to defeat and it's own Elite Four. Pokemon levels here range from low 60's to upper 80's (in the later routes and cities), so come prepared. Additionally, starting in Hoenn, each gym leader and elite four member will have one mega pokemon.

Cities / Towns

• Littleroot Town • Oldale Town • Petalburg City • Rustboro City • Dewford Town
• Slateport City • Mauville City • Lavaridge Town • Fortree City • Lilycove City
• Mossdeep City • Sootopolis City • Pacifidlog Town • Fallarbor Town • Ever Grande City

Landmarks / Points of Interest

• Hoenn Safari Zone • Hoenn Victory Road • Ancient Cave • Altering Cave • Petalburg Woods
• Rusturf Tunnel • Magma Hideout • Mt. Chimney • Cave of Origins • Granite Cave

Gym Leaders

Gym Leader Badge Pokémon Type
Rustboro Gym Roxanne Stone Badge Rock
Dewford Gym Brawly Knuckle Badge Fighting
Mauville Gym Wattson Dynamo Badge Electric
Lavaridge Gym Flannery Heat Badge Fire
Petalburg Gym Norman Balance Badge Normal
Fortree Gym Winona Feather Badge Flying
Mossdeep Gym Tate & Liza Mind Badge Psychic
Sootopolis Gym Juan Rain Badge Water

Hoenn Elite Four

Member Pokémon Type
Sidney Dark
Phoebe Ghost
Glacia Ice
Drake Dragon
(Champion) Wallace Water

Ferry Stations

  • Dewford (Must obtain the Knuckle Badge from the Dewford Gym) (9,000)
  • Slateport (Must obtain the Dynamo Badge from the Mauville Gym) (9,000)
  • Lilycove (must obtain the Feather Badge from the Fortree Gym) (9,000)
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