Map of the Kanto region

The Kanto region is the first area where every players start the game in. After character creation, players will end up in Pallet Town and a starter Pokémon will be chosen to accompany players throughout the journey.

Completion of the Kanto region is needed to unlock other regions, with Johto being the next. This means that players must have defeated the Indigo League, which is the regional Pokémon League of Kanto comprising of 8 Gym Leaders, Elite Four and the Champion. However, the Sevii Islands archipelago is the only exception where access to this region from here is available after earning the Volcano Badge from Blaine on Cinnabar Island.

A few Pokémon are exclusive to this region, including the 3 legendary birds and the 3 starters Pokémon. This is also the region where most players are in, and where important buildings like Altar, PVP Center, Clan War Center etc. are found.

Cities / Towns

Pallet TownViridian CityPewter CityCerulean CityVermillion City
Lavender TownCeladon CitySaffron CityFuchsia CityCinnabar Island


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Route 6Route 7Route 8Route 9Route 10
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Landmarks / Places of Interest

Viridian ForestDeep Viridian ForestMt MoonSS Anne
Diglett's CaveRock TunnelLavender TowerRocket Hideout
Silph CoKanto Safari ZonePower PlantSeafoam Island
Pokémon MansionVictory RoadIndigo PlateauCerulean Cave
Pokémon League Reception Gate

Exclusive in-game Buildings

AltarPVP CenterClan War CenterPrize Shop
Philanthropist Point ShopClan Registration Center

Other regions accessible

Indigo League

Gym Leaders

Gyms Leaders Badges Pokémon Types
Pewter GymBrockBoulder Badge Boulder BadgeRock
Cerulean GymMistyCascade Badge Cascade BadgeWater
Vermillion GymLt SurgeThunder Badge Thunder BadgeElectric
Celadon GymErikaRainbow Badge Rainbow BadgeGrass
Saffron GymSabrinaMarsh Badge Marsh BadgePsychic
Fuchsia GymKogaSoul Badge Soul BadgePoison
Cinnabar GymBlaineVolcano Badge Volcano BadgeFire
Viridian GymGiovanniEarth Badge Earth BadgeGround

Elite Four

Members Pokémon Type


Member Pokémon Type

Kanto Walkthrough

  • For a game guide on the Kanto region, please refer to Walkthrough.
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