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This is Kanto Walkthrought. You'll find out here basic information about the game and first steps you will take in it. This tutorial will help you not to miss important elements and places on the first map of the Pokemon world.

Helpful tips


Key Description
Arrow keys / WASD Move
Space Interact with NPCs, objects or surf
Enter Chat
B Use a Bike if you have one
F Start / stop fishing with the best Rod your have in your inventory (need to be facing the water)
I Open / close the inventory
C Open / close the clan interface
M Open / close the map
P Open / close the Pokedex
TAB Will automatically write the name of the last person you PM'd into the chatbox in PM form
ALT Will automatically write the name of the last person that PM'd you into the chatbox in PM form
1-5 While battle, at the beginning press 1 to Fight or 4 to Run Away, then use 1-4 to attack with specific move or 5 to Back


Re-order Pokémon Click and drag the pokemons icon onto the pokeball backround you want it on.
View Pokémon summary Click on the pokemon's name
To re-order the moves of your Pokémon Head into a PC, and go into the pokemon summary. At the top, there's two tabs: Moves and Move Set. Press the buttons on the moves to put them in the positions in your hotbar.
Give a Pokémon a held item Click and drag item from your inventory onto pokemon's icon.
To move Pokémon between your party and Pokémon Storage Go to a PC, and head to the computer on the right side next to the desk. There's often someone there, hiding the computer. Press space to access the computer. It will show you all the pokemon in your storage. Click and drag your pokemon's icon and drag it from your six pokemon to the storage space (or vice versa).
Teach a HM/TM to a Pokémon in your party In your item box, double-tap on the HM/TM you want. Click on the pokemon you want to teach it to. Depending on the pokemon and HM/TM, it may or may not work. Try the TM on pokemon that are likely to go well with it.
Use a medicine item on a party Pokémon Double-tap on the medicine item in your inventory, then click on the pokemon you want to administer it to.
To cut a small tree Once a pokemon in your party knows the HM Cut, stand in front of the tree, and press space.
To surf in the water One Pokémon in your party should have learn the HM Surf, press 'Spacebar' when facing the water to surf
To start fishing With at least one Fishing rod in the inventory, face the water and press 'F'. Have your best rod higher than any other rod in your inventory to use it. Fishing will continue even after you have encountered a wild Pokémon, unless you move or press 'F' again.
How to use Global Marketplace Go to a Pokémart and speak to the shopkeeper, then choose Global Marketplace to open the interface. To look for items or Pokémon, either click on the 'Auctions' or 'Buy' tab and type the name of the item you are looking for in the search bar. For Pokémon, you could add '-nature' at the end of a search to get results of Pokémon with that nature, ie: "haunter -sassy". You could also view the Pokémon Summary by double-clicking anywhere in the row. To sell items or Pokémon, simply use the 'Sell' tab and follow the instructions.

Basic commands

  • To perform the following commands, simply type it into the chatbox and press 'Enter'.
  • For those commands with " ", simply remove those quotation marks and replace the needed content inside.
Command Description
/altar The current amount of money accumulated in Altar
/battle "username" Send a battle request to the intended player
/bqs The amount of competitive points, wins, and losses through the battle queue
/chatinvite "username" To add friends to custom chat
/chatkick "username" Kick the intended player from custom chat if you are the creator of the custom chat
/chatmembers Gives a list of members in the custom chat
/chests Will display the current number of elite chests to find
/clearchat Clears the chat.
/createchat "chatname" Create a new chat for group conversation
/cws Shows your personal clan war stats
/disableplayers Hide all players on the map (To show players again, refresh the browser)
/disbandchat Destroy the chat that you have created earlier
/encounters Shows your total encounters pokemon
/exp Shows your total overall exp
/faq Frequently Asked Questions
/fpm A quick link to send a forum pm
/guide A quick link to forum guide
/help Shows all commands in game
/honey List of maps where Honey is spreaded
/leavechat Leave someone's custom chat
/lle Shows how many encounters you have gone without a legend - only applys to maps legends can spawn
/patchnotes Opens the forum patch notes thread in a new tab
/pokemon Shows you what Pokémon spawn in your current area and their rarities
/pp The amount of Philanthropist points you have
/resetencounters Resets your encounters' stats
/rules Open the forum rules thread in a new tab
/setbattle level "username" Send a battle request to the intended user, with the Pokémon level limited
/sort Sorts your inventory
/time Shows the server time
/totalcredits Shows total credits you've donated for
/totalusage Shows how many battles happened on all PvP formats
/usage "id" Shows how much a Pokemon is used in PvP. You place the Pokemon dex number in substitute of ID. Example: /usage 1 for Bulbasaur
/wagerbattle amount “username” Allows you to start a wager battle vs another player.
/weeklyexp Shows the amount of experience you gained in this week
/pvppoints Shows the total amount of PVP points you have
/weeklypvppoints Shows the amount of PVP points you have for the current week
/wbd Shows the damage you have done to the active World Boss.
/wbhp Shows the current HP of the World Boss
@"username" Send a private message to the intended user
! Add this symbol at the start of your message to post in English chat
% Add this symbol at the start of your message to post in Clan chat
# Add this symbol at the start of your message to post in Custom chat
$ Add this symbol at the start of your message to post in Trading chat
* Add this symbol at the start of your message to post in Local chat

Add this symbol at the start of your message to post in Non English chat


Pallet Tow

You adventure begins by visiting Professor Oak. This is where you'll receive your starter Pokemon.

Note: Your starter is untradeable.

Route 1

After getting your first Pokémon, head North:

Route 1 final.png

Viridian City

You come across a City, called Viridian. This will be the 8th gym not the one we need so we continue north.


Route 2

Route 2 final.png

Viridian Forest

Navigate through Viridian Forest to make it to the next town.

Viridian forest final.png

Pewter City

You now arrive at the City of Pewter, and 1st gym. The gym leader’s name is Brock, an expert in Rock type Pokémon.

Pewter city.png

Brock's Team


Brocks pokemon.png

Tips and Tricks :If your starter was Squirtle or Bulbasaur, you will have a type advantage against Brock.
If your starter was Charmander, the move Dragon Rage will help defeat Brock.

After beating him, you will receive your first Badge.Congratulations! Now, you will travel east towards Mt Moon.

Route 3

Route 3 final.png

Mt Moon

This is where you can first start mining. An NPC near the start will offer you an 'Old Pickaxe' for $5,000.

Wild Pokemon can be encountered at any point in the cave, so you may either want to use a repel, or bring a Geodude to take down Zubats quickly.

Step 1 - Mt Moon Main

Mt moon 1 final.png

Step 2 - Mt Moon E1

Mt moon 2 final.png

Step 3 - Mt Moon Main 2

Mt moon 3 final.png

Step 4 - Mt Moon E3

Mt moon 4 final.png

You made it out. You have now completed your first set of challenges, but there is more to come.

Route 4

Route 4 final.png

Cerulean City

Cerulean city.png

This is where you'll find the second gym. Cerulean's gym leader, Misty, is an expert in water type Pokemon.

Misty's Team


Mistys pokemon.png

Tips and Tricks: Having a grass type Pokemon will help you here.
If your starter wasn’t Bulbasaur, try hunting an Oddish on Route 24 and train it until it learns Mega Drain at level 19.

Once you have defeated Misty, Head North to Route 25. Inside a house you will find Bill, who gives you the SS Anne Ticket.

Route 24

Route 24 final.png

Route 25

Route 25 final.png

Bill's house.png

With the SS Anne Ticket in hand, head back to Cerulean and then head south towards Vermilion. There are guards blocking the way so you will need to use the building highlighted to get around for now.

Route 5

Route 6 final.png

Route 6

Route 5 final.png

Vermilion City

Now you enter Vermilion City. This is where weekend Clan Wars and daily Tournaments are held. This is also where you'll find the third gym. You'll be free to trade and engage with many other players in the area since you'll now have the ability to chat. 

Vermillion City 2.png

Finding the HM Cut

A tree blocks your way.png

When approaching the third gym, you'll notice that a small tree is in the way, keeping you from entering. In order to get this tree out of the way and be able to progress in the game, you'll need to obtain the HM cut.

Head South to the docks and enter the SS Anne.

Path to ss anne final.png

Ss anne 1 final.png

Ss anne 2 final.png


Ss anne 3 final.png

Ss anne 4 2.png

The Captain will give you the HM cut. From there, teach a Pokemon that's able the move. With that, step in front of the tree once again and press the "space bar" to cut it down. You'll now be able to proceed into the gym. 

This gym is Electric type, with a leader by the name of Lt. Surge.

Lt. Surge's Team

Lt surge.png

Surge poke.png

Tips and Tricks: Try getting a Diglett. It's a ground type Pokemon that's both fast and with a type advantage against Lt. Surge's Pokemon. They can be found in Diglett's Cave, located just East of Vermilion City. 

With your third badge, you should be more familiar with the mechanic of the game. If you didn't get a fishing rod yet, and care to try fishing, you still have the opportunity to get it. 

At this point, you'll also have the opportunity to receive your second HM, which is HM Flash. This can be found by beginning with Diglett's Cave. 

Your new objective is to locate Celadon City, which is where the fourth gym will be. 

Diglett's Cave Entrance

Route 11.png

After going through here, just head south to Oak’s Aid. Note you will need to catch/evolve 10 different Pokémon to receive Flash.

Note: Flash is not necessary to get through the game.

Route 2

Route 2 final (revised).png

Oak's Aid's Lab.png

Now you are free to continue to the fourth badge. 

Route 11

Route 11 final.png

A Snorlax Blocks Your Path

Snorlax in the way 5.png

While exiting route 11, you'll find a Snorlax in your way. With that, you cannot continue on this path. However, there's an alternative way to reach the next gym.  Head back to Cerulean City. Once you arrive, head East onto route 9. 

Route 9

Route 9.png

Route 9 2 final.png

Below is the Power Plant, where Pokemon such as Magnemite and Voltorb can be caught. Later, when you defeat all the Gym Leaders of both the Kanto and Johto region, and have a Zapdos feather, you will have a chance to encounter Zapdos in the Power Plant Basement. 

Rock Tunnel

Another introduction into mineable Gems. If you haven't bought your Old Pickaxe yet, consider purchasing one from the Global Market. 

Rock tunnel 1 final 2.png

Rock tunnel 2 final.png

Rock tunnel 3 final.png

Lavender Town  

Next you come to Lavender Town. There's nothing to do here at this point, so just heal up and head West.

Lavender town.png

As the guards will still be blocking Saffron until we defeat Celadon Gym, we will need to go through the underground path highlighted.

Route 8

Route 8 final.png

Route 7

Route 7-1 final.png

Celadon City

You arrive in Celadon City. Along with the large PokeMart available, where you can buy TMs and Vitamins, there is also the Game Corner. At the Game Corner, you have the opportunity to gamble and possibly pick up a prize before moving on in your adventure. Additionally, the HM defog can be purchased in the prize shop. 

Celadon city 2.png

The Game Corner is where you get the Silph Scope, which is needed to reach the top of Lavender Tower. This is also the home of Rocket Hideout. In the building to the right of the casino, you can exchange your casino tokens for various prizes. In order to obtain the Silph Scope, you will need to defeat Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket. This item will allow you to get access to the top floor of Pokemon Tower, where you will get the Poke Flute.

Casino 1 final.png

Casino 2 final.png

Casino 3 final.png

Casino 4 final.png

Casino 5 final.png

Go back up the stairs and find the Lift.

Casino 6.png

Giovanni's Pokemon

Giovannis poke.png

Erika, the leader of the Celadon City gym, is an expert in Grass type Pokémon. 

Erika's Team


Erikas poke.png

Tips and Tricks: If you find yourself struggling with this gym, both Vulpix and Growlithe can be found on routes 7 and 8. These fire type Pokemon will give you a large advantage against Erika.

After beating Celadon gym, we now have opened Saffron but need to complete the Poke Flute quest before carrying on there. Head back to Lavender and into the tower. Additionally, you can now travel back without going through the tunnel as before. 

Route 7-2 final.png

Saffron city.png

Saffron 2 final.png

Route 8-2 final.png

The Poke Flute

Here, you must travel to the top of the tower to get the Poke Flute. Be prepared for trainers and Team Rocket Grunts as well. 

Pokemon tower 0 final.png

Pokemon tower 1 final.png

Pokemon tower 2 final.png

Pokemon tower 3 final.png

Pokemon tower 4 final.png

Pokemon tower 6 final.png

Pokemon tower 7 final.png

Saffron City

You may now continue in Saffron City. However, there are still Team Rocket members here. Before you challenge the fifth gym, you must defeat the members in the center building. The center building is Silph Co. 

Saffron city.png

When entering, you'll need to defeat Giovanni once more. Afterwards, you'll be greeted by the president of Silph Co. 

President 3.png

At this point, you'll be able to challenge the fifth gym. The leader is Sabrina, who's an expert in Psychic type Pokemon. 

Saffron gym.png

Sabrina's Team


Sabrina's team.png


Tips and Tricks: Have a Ghost or Dark type Pokemon for this gym if you find yourself having a hard time. 

As of now, you'll be able to carry on to the sixth gym. The Snorlax you saw earlier will be gone as well. 

Route 12

Route 12 final.png

   The house on Route 12 is where you can buy a Super Rod for 35k. 

Note: You will need to reach a fishing level of 20 before you can use the Super Rod. 

Route 13

Route 13 final.png

Route 14

Route 14 final.png

Route 15

Route 15 final.png

Fuchsia City

Welcome to Fuchsia City. You can now obtain the HM surf and challenge the next gym. Additionally, a safari for training can be used. To enter the safari zone, you must purchase a ticket a the entrance for 20k (20,000). Each ticket will last 24 hours. 


The Safari is where we can find the HM Surf.

Safari zone.png

Kanto safari surf.png

Note: Dratini can be encountered in the Safari Zone through fishing, but you must have a fishing level of 15 to be able to fish there. 

The Fuchsia gym leader is Koga and he is an expert in Poison type Pokémon.

Koga's Team


Koga pokemon.png 

Tips and Tricks: If you have Alakazam or Gengar, you will easily defeat Koga. If you're still having a hard time, you can find some better Pokemon in the safari. 
After beating the gym here, you will be able to Surf outside of battle. 

HM Fly

One of the last major HM's you'll be able to obtain is Fly. Note that this HM will not work outside of battle; It only has use in battles. 

Route 18

Route 18 final.png

Route 17

Route 17 final.png

Route 16

Route 16 final.png

Hm fly room.PNG

Note: To go from Route 18 to Route 16, you will need a bike to get through.

Now you are able to make way to Cinnabar Island. Head back to Fuchsia City and head South. 

Path to seafoam 1 final.png

Route 19

Path to seafoam 2 final.png

Route 20

Path to seafoam 3 final.png

Seafoam Island

This is the last obstacle before reaching the seventh gym. Make sure you are healed and have items before entering. 

Seafoam islands (edited) 2.png

Seafoam islands 2 final.png

Seafoam islands 3 final.png

Seafoam islands 4 final.png

Seafoam islands 6 final.png

Seafoam islands 7 final.png

Seafoam islands 8 final.png

Seafoam islands 10 final.png

Path after seafoam final.png

Note: When you have an Articuno Feather on your lead Pokemon, you will have the chance to encounter Articuno on any level of Seafoam Island.

Cinnabar Island

Welcome to Cinnabar! Your adventure has brought you far. Now are you ready to test your skills against those here?

Cinnabar island final.png

You can exchange Fossil Shards in the lab for fossil Pokémon here in the Laboratory on the Southwest area of the island.

Note: To revive a Fossil Pokemon from shards, you will need 100 fossil shards.

The Cinnabar Gym is locked when you arrive on the island. To obtain the key, you must go to the basement of the Pokemon Mansion, located on the Northwest end of the island.

Cinnabar close 2.png

Cinnabar mansion 1 final.png

Cinnabar mansion 2 final.png

Once you arrive in the basement, head Northwest and battle the trainer sitting at the table. Beating him will get you the Gym Key.

The gym leader is Blaine, who is an expert in fire type Pokemon. 

Blaine's Team


Blaine pokemon.png

Tips and tricks: Having a water type or rock type Pokemon will perform well against Blaine. If you're struggling, go look for water type Pokemon surrounding the island. Additionally, if you haven't done so already, make sure the levels of your Pokemon are at least matching the gym leaders'. Being underleveled can make challenges more difficult than they need to be. 

You will now set out for your final badge. head North of Cinnabar Island back to Pallet town to make your way to Viridian City. 

Route 21

Route to pallet final.png

Viridian City

Viridian gym is where we face Giovanni for the 3rd and final time! He is an expert in Ground type Pokémon.

Viridian city final.png

Giovanni's Team

Giovanni 2.png


Tips and Tricks: Regardless of which starter you chose, you shouldn't have too much trouble with this gym. If you find yourself unable to defeat Giovanni, find a Water type or Grass type to help. Gyarados is a Pokemon that will perform exceptionally well if used here.

Victory Road

Congratulations! You now have all eight badges of the Kanto region! Now, you will have the opportunity to test your skills against the strongest of the entire region, the Elite Four. To get there, begin by heading West to Route 23. 

Viridian city final 2.png

Victory road 1 final.png

Route 23

Victory road 2-3-4.png

Note: You will need Surf to get into Victory Road.

Victory road 5 final.png

Victory road 6 final.png

Victory road extra final.png

Victory road final.png

Kanto Elite Four

Here is your final challenge for the region. Below are some recommendations to help prepare: 

  • Gyarados with Dragon Rage and 2+ physical moves (Crunch and Ice Fang are used to demonstrate here)
  • Gengar with Shadow Ball and Destiny Bond. 

Optional moves that may help:

They are all used at the first opposing pokemon. The spikes deal direct damage or poison damage when opponent switches pokemon, and Leech Seed restores HP of your active pokemon while draining from opposing pokemon.

  • Lorelei

For this E1 member, the electric and grass type Pokemon should easily beat her. If needed, Fighting type Pokemon will also help.


  • Bruno
    • For this E2 member, water, grass, and flying type Pokemon will help you. You can get a Tentacruel with surf and easily kill both Onix.

  • Agatha
    • Psychic type Pokemon will almost guarantee you a win. Other Ghost type Pokemon such as Gengar will also help. 

  • Lance

  • Two-third's of Lance's Pokemon are dragon type. With that in mind, Ice type Pokemon will help. Overall, Lance is well balanced and can deal with most Pokemon you'll throw his way. be careful and stick to any strategy you've been using so far. Don't forget your entry hazards if you have them, especially Stealth Rock. 

  • Rival
    • You arrive to face your rival. The first Pokémon is Pidgeot who has the move Fly, so make sure to keep track of your set up.  Just like Lance, your Rival will also have awell balanced team. Again, keep to your strategies and give this battle all you got!

Congratulations! You have defeated the Elite Four and can now progress to the Johto region.


Miscellaneous Locations

Sevii Isles

Threre are a set of islands that are connected to Cinnabar Island. Each of these Islands have their own locations and uses. 

To get to these islands, you first need to defeat Blaine, the 7th gym leader of the Kanto region. Bill, the person who once gave the the SS Anne ticket,will appear in front of the gym. You'll be able to talk to him and travel to these islands. 

Bill at cinnabar.png

At first, you'll be taken to One island. This is one of the seven available islands to explore. To get to another island, talk to Bill again and select where you want to go to next. 


One island

Island 1-1.png

On One island, you'll find Hellfire Cavern and Mt. Ember. These two locations hold their own uses as well as unique Pokemon. Walk to the East to find Kindle Road, which will lead to Mt. Ember. Head North to find Hunty's Path, which will take you to Hellfire Cavern. 

Kindle Road

Island 1-2 final.png

Mt Ember

Island 1-5.png

Hunty's Path

Island 1-6 final 2.png

Hellfire Cavern: Floor 1

Hellfire 1 final 2.png

Hellfire Cavern: Floor 2

Hellfire 2.png

Two Island

Two Island is the location when you can find the Move Relearner. The house farthest to the right is where he lives. Up North, you'll find Cape Brink, a small spot where you can find some Pokemon to catch. 

Island 2 final 3.png

Cape Brink

Island 2-2.png

Three Island

Three Island is one of the Islands where you can explore multiple locations with unique drops and Pokemon. When arriving to the island, head North. You'll find a small town with a Pokemon center to heal as well as a Mart to purchase supplies. 

Island 3-1.png

Head West to Bond Bridge. 

Island 3-2 final 2.png

Here, you have a choice. The area to the far left will lead you to Berry Forest. The path on the bridge will lead you to Distant Isles, which will eventually lead to Turtle Cove. 

Bond Bridge

Island 3-3 final 2.png

Berry Forest

Berry Forest has a unique drop known as "Miracle Berry". This item is a rare drop when capturing or defeating a Pokemon here. This item, along with two other ingredients, can be used to craft the ability capsule. 

Berry forest.png

Distant Isles

When arriving to Distant Isles, a maze of rocks will be set for you to venture through. At the end, you'll find a path to Turtle Cove. 

Island 3-4 final 2.png

Turtle Cove

Here in Turtle Cove, Squirtle can be found. Additionally, some gems can be found and another Mining Guru will be inside. This Mining Guru is unlike the one you may have seen in Mt. Moon, rather one who has a better Pickaxe. Instead of the Old Pickaxe, you'll have the opportunity to purchase the Good Pickaxe.

Turtle cove final 2.png

Four Island 

On Four Island, some rare spawns can be found in Icefall Cave. The entrance is to the far right. 

Island 4-1 final.png

Icefall Cave

When arriving inside, you'll need two HMs to find everything that's inside. These two HMs will be Surf and Waterfall. If you don't have Waterfall, you'll only be able to access the bottom area. 

Island 4-2 final.png

Icefall Cave 1F

Island 4-3.png

Deep Icefall Cave

Island 4-4.png

Five Island

On Five Island, the Water Labyrinth and Lost Cave can be found. Here, some unique combinations of Pokemon spawns can be found.

Island 5-1 final.png

Water Labyrinth

Island 5-2 final.png

Lost Cave

Island 5-3.png

Six Island 

Six Island is a secluded spot to go fish. 

Island 6-1 final.png

Ruin Valley

Island 6-2.png

Seven Island 

Seven Island is where the Battle Tower can be found. 

Island 7-1 final.png

Sevault Canyon

Island 7-3 final.png

Power Plant 

The Power Plant can be found on Route 10. You must have the Surf HM to get there, however. Once you arrive, a wide selection of electric type Pokemon can be found and caught will be at your hand. The second floor of the Power Plant can only be accessed if you have obtain 16 gym badges. In the basement, the legendary Pokemon Zapdos will be available. Be aware that you'll need the Feather of Zapdos held by your lead Pokemon in order to have a chance to find Zapdos. 

Power plant 1 final.png

Power plant 2.png

Cerulean Cave

Cerulean Cave is an area that requires you to defeat the Kanto Elite 4 to get inside. It is located behind the river that runs through Cerulean City. There are four floors, each offering gems to mine and rare Pokemon to catch. 

Floor 1

Cerulean cave 1 final.png

Floor 2

Cerulean cave 2 final 3.png

Floor 3

Cerulean cave 3 final.png

The bottom floor has the last Mining Guru, who offers you the Super Pickaxe. The Mewtwo Raid Manager is an NPC that has no use until a later date. 

Floor 4

Cerulean cave 4 final.png


Fishing is an activity in Pokemon Planet that many players participate in. You can also join by purchasing your first fishing rod. 

The first rod, known as the Old Rod, can be found in the house just to the left of the Pokemon Center in Vermillion City. 

Fishing house.png

The Good Rod, the rod one level above the Old Rod, can be found in a house in Fuschia City. 

Fishing house 2.png

The Super Rod, the rod one level above the Good Rod, can be found in a house on Route 12. 

Hint: This house is the only one on the route. 

Fishing house 3.png

Where can I go to improve my fishing levels? You can fish anywhere to improve your fishing levels. As you raise your levels, you'll gain access to more secluded areas that'll allow you to gain more experience. 

What's the difference between the fishing rods? As your fishing rod improves, the time it'll take to encounter a Pokemon while fishing will decrease, meaning that you'll encounter more Pokemon within a given period of time. 

Are there good Pokemon I can obtain with my fishing skills? Once you reach level 15 fishing, you'll be able to fish for a Dratini and other rare Pokemon in the Kanto Safari Zone. Dratini is a powerful Pokemon that'll aid you in your adventure if you're able to find one. 



Mining is another activity that Pokemonj Planet players are able to particapte it. You may purchase the Old Pickaxe from the Mining Guru in Mt. Moon. 

Guru 1.png

The Good Pickaxe, a pickaxe one level above the Old Pickaxe, can be purchased from the Mining Guru at Turtle Cove, Three Island. 

Guru 2.png

The Super Pickaxe, a pickaxe one level above the Good Pickaxe, can be purchased from the Mining Guru in the bottom floor of Cerulean Cave. 

Guru 3.png

What's the difference between the pickaxes? The speed in which you'll mine Gems will increase. Additionally, you have an increased chance to mine two Gems at once. 

How else can I increase my mining speed? Along with obtaning better pickaxes, your speed will increase as your mining level rises. 

I got a shard from mining. What does that mean? A shard is a piece of a fossil Pokemon. Collect 100 of a specific shard (each type has its own name and specific Pokemon) and bring them to the researcher on Cinnabar Island. You'll be able to exchange these 100 shards for your very own fossil Pokemon.

Fossils mining.jpg