Location of Lavender Town in the Kanto region

Kanto Lavender Town Map

Map of Lavender Town

A small town in Kanto without any gym, Lavender Town is in the junction of Route 8, Route 10, and Route 12. Players had to pass through the tedious Rock Tunnel in order to reach this town for the first time.

Lavender Town is the first location where players are able to buy 'Great Ball', which has a higher success rate in capturing Pokémon than the 'Poke Ball', from the Pokémart.

Despite being a tiny town, it is famous for its landmark, the Pokemon Tower , which contains a large number of grave for deceased Pokémon. Ghost type Pokémon can be encountered inside, and it is also the place where Mr. Fugi is kidnapped by Team Rocket.


  • Pokécenter
  • Pokémart
Item Price
Poke Ball $100
Great Ball $400
Super Potion $500
Revive $1,000
Escape Rope $500
Repel $300
Max Repel $600


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