Misty is a Water-type specialist. She is the leader of Cerulean Gym, being the second gym leader a player can face.

Beating Misty at Cerulean Gym will award the Cascade Badge, which allows the player to progress to Route 5 and also allows a player to talk in chat.

Pokémon Used

As Cerulean Gym Leader

Pokémon Level Moves
Pokemon Staryu Staryu 18 Rapid Spin Recover Camouflage
Pokemon Horsea Horsea 18 Bubblebeam Leer Focus Energy Bubble
Pokemon Goldeen Goldeen 18 Horn Attack Water Pulse Supersonic Tail Whip
Pokemon Psyduck Psyduck 19 Confusion Water Gun Fury Swipes Water Pulse
Pokemon Starmie Starmie 20 Hydro Pump Swift Water Gun Recover