Johto National Park Location

Location of National Park in the Johto region

Sitting between Route 35 & Route 36 lies the Johto National Park. This location contains no Extremely Rare pokémon, and the only fisheable pokémon is Magikarp. National Park is also very small, and is generally only used for training purposes, as pokémon here can be quite high leveled.Players wishing to continue their journey through Johto after National Park will require a Squirt Bottle, obtainable by beating the Goldenrod City Gym. This will be used to move the Sudowoodo on Route 36. Please note that you will also need a pokémon with HM01 - Cut.

Wild Pokémon

  • Wild pokémon of Level 47 - 54 are encountered here:


Pokémon Type Rarity
Pokemon Caterpie Caterpie Bug Common
Pokemon Weedle Weedle Bug Poison Common
Pokemon Pidgey Pidgey Normal Flying Common
Pokemon Metapod Metapod Bug Uncommon
Pokemon Kakuna Kakuna Bug Poison Uncommon
Pokemon Hoothoot Hoothoot Flying Normal Uncommon
25x25px rufflet Grass Rare


Pokémon Type Rarity
Pokemon Magikarp Magikarp Water Common


Pokémon Type Rarity
Pokemon Tentacool Tentacool Water Poison Common
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