Norman is the Gym Leader of Petalburg City's Gym. He is an expert of Normal-type Pokémon, and hands out the Balance Badge to any Trainer who defeats him.

His team consists of:

Pokémon Type Lv. Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
Diggersby Normal/Ground 74 Earthquake Facade Bounce Hammer Arm
Miltank Normal 75 Zen Headbutt Ice Beam Body Slam Milk Drink
Snorlax Normal 76 Crunch Yawn Chip Away Thunderbolt
Blissey Normal 77 Brick Break Shadow Ball Double Edge Flamethrower
Slaking Normal 78 Ice Beam Earthquake Aerial Ace Hammer Arm
Mega Kangaskhan Normal 79 Double Edge Aerial Ace Outrage Crunch
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