Location of Pallet Town in the Kanto region

Kanto Pallet Town Map

Pallet Town before the Kanto Remake Update.

Located in Kanto, Pallet Town is the first location where a new player will spawn. After customizing the character, new players will start off their journey in Hero House.

Other places of interest include Rival House and Oaks Lab, where new players choose one of the starter Pokemon (Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander) to begin their journey.


  • Hero House
  • Rival House

    an in-game screenshot of Pallet Town after the Kanto Remake Update.

  • Oaks Lab

Connecting routes

Name Requirement Accessibility Other
Route 1 1st pokémon received from professor Oak North Pallet Town; Walking Empty
Route 21 Visited Kanto Safari Zone Southern Pallet Town river; surfing HM03 - Surf required

Wild Pokémon

*Wild Pokémon of Level 5 - 10 are encountered here:

Pokémon Type Method Rarity Rate
Normal Member Gold Member
Pokemon Magikarp Magikarp Water Fishing
Pokemon Krabby Krabby Water Fishing
Pokemon Horsea Horsea Water Fishing
Pokemon Shellder Shellder Water Fishing
Pokemon Kingler Kingler Water Fishing
Pokemon Gyarados Gyarados Water Flying Fishing
Pokemon Slowpoke Slowpoke Water Psychic Fishing
Pokemon Staryu Staryu Water Fishing
Pokemon Psyduck Psyduck Water Fishing
Pokemon Tentacool Tentacool Water Poison Surfing

Average Experience and EV yield

Note: This section assumes only common and uncommon Pokémon are fainted and that no blessings are active.


Average Experience
Normal Member Gold Member
94.17 142.5
EV Normal Member Gold Member
HP 0 0
Attack 0.12 0.18
Defense 0 0
Special Attack 0 0
Special Defense 0 0
Speed 0.88 0.82


Average Experience
Normal Member Gold Member
104.8 157.5
EV Normal Member Gold Member
HP 0 0
Attack 0 0
Defense 0 0
Special Attack 0 0
Special Defense 1 1
Speed 0 0
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