The Pokémart is a convenience store often characterized by its blue color. Almost all towns across every region has a Pokémart. Inside the Pokémart is a vendor which sells many essential objects such as potions and poké balls. It is also the only place to access the Global Marketplace.

A Pokémart in the Johto Region.

Vendor Items

Items sold by the vendor depend on the location; some areas (especially the beginning towns) do not have as much items.

Item Name Description Price
Poké Ball The most basic object used to catch Pokémon. $100
Great Ball A Poké Ball with a slightly higher catch rate. $400
Ultra Ball A Poké Ball with a higher catch rate than Great Balls. $1000
Potion Heals a Pokémon by 20 HP. $100
Super Potion Heals a Pokémon by 50 HP. $500
Hyper Potion Heals a Pokémon by 200/120 HP. $1250
Revive Revives a fainted Pokémon to 1/2 of its health. $1000
Escape Rope Teleports the player to the last Pokécenter visited. $500
Repel Repels weak pokémon for 100 steps. $300
Max Repel Repels weak pokémon for 250 steps. $600

Global Marketplace

The Global Marketplace (GM) is a player market filled with items and Pokémon up for sale or auction. You can buy, auction, or sell items and Pokémon here -- there's a tab for each in the upper left.


Auctioned items and pokemon are on the market for a limited time, highest bid at the end of the time limit recieves the item. Money is refunded if someone outbids you. If you are online at the time, a message will show in chat saying that you've been outbid.


Allows you to purchse items or pokemon that others have put up for sale.


The default tab when GM is opened. The sell interface allows you to sell items from your inventory or pokemon from your party. A listing fee is charged for any item put up for sale. The fee is based on the sell price of your item, but this fee is NOT refunded if you cancel the sale.

Notes / Tips

In order to see anything in the buy or auction tabs, you have to click the search button in the upper right.

Anything bought in the Global Marketplace go to the Item Box interface, accessed from the button in the lower right of you Inventory screen.

Search for Pokémon of a specific level by adding a number in front of the Pokémon name (example: "100 Gengar")

Search for Pokémon of a specific nature by adding a hyphen followed by the desired nature (example: "Gengar -Timid")

There is no way to search for a pokemon's ability or IVs

You cannot purchase Pokémon with higher levels than the highest level of your current Pokémon (example: you can't buy a Level 100 Gengar if your highest leveled pokemon is only Level 30)

Some items, like HMs, cannot be bought or sold on the market

The basic interface of the Global Marketplace. Navigate between Auctions, Buying, and Selling through the top left tabs.

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