Sevii Islands

Map of the Sevii Islands archipelago

The Sevii Islands archipelago is a cluster of islands that are located south of the Kanto region, at a huge distance away. This region is optional where it is not needed to visit in order to progress further into the game. However, it may serves as a good training and hunting ground before the last gym battle in Kanto.

To access this region, players must first defeat the gym leader Blaine of Cinnabar Gym to obtain the Volcano Badge. Bill will then appear right next to the gym entrance who will invite players to visit the Sevii Islands archipelago with him. By speaking to him, players can only be taken to the Ferry Station of One Island. From there, players can then choose to go Two Island, Three Island, Four Island, Five Island, Six Island, Seven Island, or back to Cinnabar Island.

Although being an optional region, there are still a few interesting features here. The Move Tutor resides in Two Island and he is an important figure if players would want their Pokémon to relearn some moves that have been forgotten. The legendary Moltres can be found in Mt. Ember when the Feather of Moltres is obtained, which is also dropped from this same area. In addition, the starter Pokémon, Charmander and Squirtle can be encountered exclusively in Hellfire Canvern and Turtle Cove respectively.

Cities / Towns

One IslandTwo IslandThree Island
Four Island Five Island Six Island
Seven Island


Treasure BeachHuntys PathKindle RoadCape Brink
Three Island PortBond BridgeDistant Isles

Landmarks / Places of Interest

Mt. EmberHellfire CanvernBerry ForestTurtle Cove

Other regions accessible

Sevii Islands Walkthrough

  • For a game guide on the Sevii Islands region, please refer to Walkthrough.
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