I know a Mute isn't as bad as a ban but iv been false muted 4 times now. I don't know if the mod that keeps muting me has read the abilities but its seriously getting annoying, im not swearing or lying. I just want it to stop.

i want to apeal my ban, i was ban for supposedly useing a bot/marco or something. but i wasent,i was just clicking my mouse over and over while i was fishing to kill faster. i was playing on my ipad and just kept clicking and not really paying attation to the screen. i dont see how that would be bannable? i was not useing any third party program or anything

Me and my friend were banned from pokemon planet for no reason at all; our usernames are: Logannos and pikapika9. We have not broken any rules or done anything that would deserve banning. Please contact me with why we were banned or please give me an admins email so I can have a conversation in private. 

Unfairly Banned For Life

My pokemon planet username is EatThemTacos and someone told a mod that I scammed when in reality I dindt so now im banned for life and I would like that to get fixed I havent done anything bad but now im sad plz some mod or brody look at this and help me put plz ill apreciate it. EatThemTacos (talk) 03:27, May 25, 2016 (UTC) Plz give me an ADMINS EMAIL so we could discuss this problem I really love the game and would give 5 out of five but I dont like this unfair ban

Hello my username for pokemon planet is the same one as you can see. But what i wanna discuss is there is no reset button. That means if i really wanna reset my profle because im stuck or just messed up i CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. So Broly if you're reading this PLEASE do this for everyone

BeaastCrozby (talk) 08:53, October 16, 2016 (UTC) i was just trying to lvl up my pokemon.I went to safari zone and went to buy a ticket.My screen froze so i refreshed,after that it siad i was banned for bad messages.But i did not even talk to someone,how can i fix my problem.