Lying between Route 6 and Route 11, Vermillion City is one of the most major cities in Kanto. Being the most major port in Kanto, you will find ships to every region in the game (you can only travel to the places you have unlocked, click the ferry link for a list of conditions).

As well as ferries, there is also a fancy boat docked here called the SS Anne. Inside fancy music will be played, this also the place the user will find HM01 - Cut.

Vermillion city also houses the 3rd gym: The electric gym led by Lt. Lurge. The gym can be accessed by surfing or using cut. For more info, please visit the page about it [1]here

Fisherman's house 1

Upon entering Vermillion city, the user will see to the left that there is a poke-centre and on the left of that a small red roofed house. Inside the player will find a NPC titled as "Fisherman". He will sell you the following:

Item Price
Old rod P5000

Poke-mart products for sale

Item Price
Poke ball P100
Potion P100
Super potion P500
Escape rope P500
Repel P300

Legendary altar

One of the things Vermillion city is most well known for is the legendary altar there. At the altar, you can donate any amount of P/credits you want, and when enough money is donated it will activate the altar blessing.

  • In order to start the altar blessing, P4,000,000 must be donated (grand total).
  • If a single player donates P800, they will receive 1PP.
  • If a player donates 1 credit, P2000 will be added to the altar.
  • The altar blessing will give all players online +100% exp for an hour.

SS Anne

The SS Anne is one of the boats docked in Vermillion city. Inside, you will notice that there is probably the fanciest music in the game there. This is also where the player will find HM01 - Cut. However, to access the boat, you will need to get the item SS Anne Ticket which can be found oat the end of route 25. The player will get the ticket from and NPC inside a house there.

Where to find cut

  • When you enter the SS Anne you will be put on F1(Floor 1). Go straight and go down the stairs.
  • After descending the stairs to F0, go straight forward until you can turn left. When you can, do so.
  • After turning left, go into the room with green machines and climb the ladder.
  • Go down, left and into the door.
  • In the captain's room, talk to the captain. He will give the player HM01 - Cut.

Clan building

The clan building is the place where you go to get into clan wars. Inside there are 6 staff members and an Old man(Delevel service). The following is a list of what prizes are sold here and what is offered.

Prize exchanger offers

Prize Cost
Egg move ticket P50
Tutor move ticket P50
Scope lens P500
Wide lens P500
Binding band P500
Metronome P1000
Eviolite P1000
Assault vest P1000
Leftovers P1000
Life orb P1200
Ancient key (loop half) P1200
Larvitar P1800
Keldeo P6000

Old man (Delevel Service)

  • Can delevel a pokemon's level by 1 if its on level 34 or 67.

PvP Centre

This is where the user will go if they are participating in a tournament. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 12:00 PM & 10:00 PM UTC a tournament will be held. On Tuesday & Wednesday, an all goes tournament is held. On Thursday a set level tournament is held and on Friday the Monotype tournament is held. In the Set-level tournament all pokemon must be level 50. In the Monotype tournament all pokemon in the party must share a type. If you place 1st or 2nd in a tournament you will receive a bonus prize, otherwise all players receive a participatory prize in PvP tokens,

Sales from the Prize exchanger on the right

Prize Cost (In PVP tokens)
Sawk $100
Throh $100
Vullaby $200
Mienfoo $250
Fairy gem $400
Normal gem $400
Steel gem $400
Dark gem $400
Dragon gem $400
Rock gem $400
Ghost gem $400
Bug gem $400
Psychic gem $400
Flying gem $400
Ground gem $400
Poison gem $400
Fighting gem $400
Ice gem $400
Grass gem $400
Electric gem $400
Water gem $400
Fire gem $400
Icy rock $600
Smooth rock $600
Heat rock $600
Damp rock $600
Hawlucha $750
Flame orb $800
Toxic orb $800
Weakness policy $800
White herb $800
Darumaka $800
Master shop ticket $1500
Axew $2000
Honedge $3000
Deoxys $10000

Sales from prize exchanger on the left

Prize Cost (In BQ points)
Event move ticket $300
Light clay $1000
Air baloon $1000
Red card $1200
Master shop ticket $4500
Victini $8500

Wild Pokémon

  • Wild Pokémon of Level 5 - 10 are encountered here:
Pokémon Type Method Rarity Rate
Normal Member Gold Member
Pokemon Magikarp Magikarp Water Fishing
Pokemon Krabby Krabby Water Fishing
Pokemon Horsea Horsea Water Fishing
Pokemon Shellder Shellder Water Fishing
Pokemon Gyarados Gyarados Water Flying Fishing
Pokemon Slowpoke Slowpoke Water Psychic Fishing
Pokemon Staryu Staryu Water Fishing
Pokemon Psyduck Psyduck Water Fishing
Pokemon Tentacool Tentacool Water Poison Surfing

Average Experience and EV yield

Note: This section assumes only common and uncommon Pokémon are fainted and that no blessings are active.


Average Experience
Normal Member Gold Member
94.17 142.5
EV Normal Member Gold Member
HP 0 0
Attack 0.12 0.18
Defense 0 0
Special Attack 0 0
Special Defense 0 0
Speed 0.88 0.82


Average Experience
Normal Member Gold Member
104.8 157.5
EV Normal Member Gold Member
HP 0 0
Attack 0 0
Defense 0 0
Special Attack 0 0
Special Defense 1 1
Speed 0 0
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