World Blessings are now stackable up to a maximum of x2 (+100%) experience The first World Blessing that is used will give x1.2 (+20%) experience Every additional World Blessing will give x1.1 (+10%) experience.

To see if a World Blessing is in use, look in the top-left corner.

Obtaining it

World Blessings can be bought from the Credit Shop. It costs 300 credits (270 after discount from Gold Membership). They are also one of the possible prizes from Mystery Box and Item Bomb, some achievements and can also be found inside Easter Eggs and Presents.

World Blessing is one of purchasable rewards from the event shop provided by witch in 2018 halloween.

Philantropist Points

Using a World Blessing awards Philantropist Points equal to the amount of players online. The max is capped out at 500.